Appoint another advocate in Prosecution

Is it possible to appoint another Advocate with or without public prosecutor in a case from the part of Prosecution / Victim?

Yes it is possible to appoint another advocate by following section 495 of Code of Criminal Procedure 1898.

The section is as follows:

Permission to conduct prosecution
495.(1) Any Magistrate inquiring into or trying any case may permit the prosecution to be conducted by any person other than an officer of police below the rank to be prescribed by the Government in this behalf but no person, other than the 465[ Attorney-General], Government Solicitor, Public Prosecutor or other officer generally or specially empowered by the Government in this behalf, shall be entitled to do so without such permission.

(2) Any such officer shall have the like power of withdrawing the prosecution as is provided by section 494, and the provisions of that section shall apply to any withdrawal by such officer.

(3) Any person conducting the prosecution may do so personally or by a pleader.

(4) An officer of police shall not be permitted to conduct the prosecution if he has taken any part in the investigation into the offence with respect to which the accused is being prosecuted.

If we summarize the section and try to understand it easily it says, The Magistrate trying the case may permit any person form the part of prosecution to be conducted, but he must be specially empowered by the Government.

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