Northern University Bangladesh: Where dreams became Nightmare

Northern University Bangladesh was one of the most reputed Private Universities of Bangladesh established in 2002. It was known as the best University for LLB among the private Universities of Bangladesh, where over 9000 students is studying and one-third of them are studying law.

Northern Uuniversity Bangladesh Problems and Protest

NUB Inside Problems and Protest

This student are studying through many difficulties from the beginning of their admission to hope a better future, but recent blacklisting and caution notice by UGC vaporized their little hope too. Click here to see and download UGC Notice .

UGC blacklisted NUB for its unauthorized campuses; they have four unauthorized campuses when two others are authorized on condition to establish a permanent campus within five years, so far NUB did not succeed to establish any permanent campus. Northern University authority failed fulfills his promise even after several extensions of time.

On the other hand, they are running 6 different campuses. They are:

Faculty of Engineering (authorized as main campus)
Sher Tower, Holding #13, Road #17, Banani C/A, Dhaka-1213

Faculty of Business: (authorized as branch campus)
House # 54, Road# 4/A, Dhanmondi, Satmasjid Road, Dhaka-1209

Faculty of Law, Arts & Humanities: (unauthorized)
93 Kazi Nazrul Islam Avenue, Dhaka-1215.

Faculty of Health Science: (unauthorized)
24, Mirpur Road Campus (Opposite of Dhaka College )

Khulna Campus: (unauthorized)
A-16, Mojid Sharani, Sonadanga R/A, Khulna-9100.

Rajshahi Campus: (unauthorized)
256, Jahangir Sharani Road, Talaimari, Rajshahi-6204.

At this point when UGC failed to stop NUB from running their unauthorized campuses seek help to court the honorable High Court Division or Supreme Court give a status quo order (for Rajshahi and Khulna Campus) considering the future of these huge number of students and their future and give an order to convert these two campuses as a separate university. But after years of these orders the NUB authority seems still sleeping being irresponsible, so UGC thought they should take action, as a result they blacklisted the University and ban the university as it is running admission business in the name of education. UGC is also taking steps to evacuate these unauthorized campuses and thousands of students are under question of their student life.

Law students seem to lose their cannon and they are in hard and rock situation because The Bangladesh Bar Council also disqualified them to sit for enrollment examination. Bangladesh Bar Council also has their reason for this decision. As they were receiving a large number of students from private universities most of them seem became unqualified to pass in previous years and also have some prove of certificate business of certain Private universities, they decided not to enroll private university students as a reaction students of private universities and their authority protest and meet the Bar Council, after that Bar Council asked UGC to provide full list of law students studying on private university but they failed to do so after that Bar Council asked all private university to submit their student list to the council within 15 days on 27th may 2014.

After analyzing the information they gave and from the applicants for enrollment Bangladesh Bar Council found many miss-match and lacking as a consequence on 15th September 2014 they finally published a list of 7 university including Northern University Bangladesh who cannot apply for Bar enrollment.

Though these decisions are welcomed by many sapient, but for the present students it is like a dead end of their future.

Now all students of NUB expressed solidarity to solve the problem they are protesting against NUB authority and decided to boycott all classes from all campuses unless these problems are solved. Now they are accusing UGC and Ministry of education and saying they can’t avoid their liabilities. Though students are trying their best, but NUB authority can’t show much effort to solve the problem.

Now the question is what will happen to the student of NUB? Can anything or anyone justify this situation? If can then how?

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