Elements that should be taken into account while framing a pro-people constitution

A pro-people Constitution should be a mix of both the expression of the people of the country and the expressions of experts with a futuristic view that would help the nation rise and avoid conflicts in future. The constitution should consider the basic needs of the individuals of the country and must have a plan to maintain them in a sustainable way and those needs should be declared as rights, these rights may be declared being consistent with international law. The makers of the constitution should scrutinize the all the system and structure of the constitutional organs and they should think from the root about the system, the people, the methods they should follow along with cause and effect; they should change or adopt system if needed but should not adopt any system blindly because that system works fine in some other country. There should be no restriction on the representative of the people; legislatures so to say, and in the matter of very important decision, where the people of the country is capable of critical analysis, there must have some option like referendum to present their opinion but it should be adopted in such a manner that multiple level verification would require to confirm such consent of common people, say for example; approval by the judiciary. So that these referendum does not destabilize the country. The judiciary shall be empowered as a guardian but the check and balance should be there. And the last but not list the army must be kept in a state that
they will be sufficient but shall be unable to take power of the government.



Rayhanul Islam

The author is an original thinker; often challenges the regular rule of conduct considering various perspective on the basis of scientific reasoning to ensure the peace and prosperity of the society. He works as lawyer and promotes legal knowledge and human right concept to the root level. The author is also a tech enthusiast and web developer, he loves psychology as well. connect me @ https://rayhan.lawhelpbd.com

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