Legal Abbreviations


AAG = Assistant Attorney General

AC =Assistant Commissioner (Land)

AD = Appellate Division

ADR = Alternative Dispute Resolution

AG = Attorney General

AIR = All India Reporter

APP =Assistant Public Prosecutor

ASO = Assistant Settlement Officer

BC = Bench Clerk

BLD = Bangladesh Legal decisions

BO = Bench Officer

CD = Case Diary

CHT = Chittagong Hill Tracts

CJM = Chief Judicial magistrate

CLO = Certificate of Land Ownership

CMM = Chief Metropolitan magistrate

CPC = Civil Procedure Code

CrPC = Criminal Prosedure Code

CR = Complaint Register

CRO = Civil Rules and Orders

CrRO = Criminal Rules and Orders

CS = Charge Sheet/ Cadastral Survey

CW = Custody Warrant/ Court Warrant

DAG = Deputy Attorney General

DC = Deputy Commissioner

DCL =  Deputy Commissioner (Land)

DF = Date of Filing

DLR = Dhaka Law Reports

DLRS = Directorate of Land Records and Surveys

DM = District Magistrate

DOF = Department of Fisheries

DW = Defense Witness/ Defendant Witness

EBSATA = East Bengal State Acquisition and Tenancy Act

FB = Full Bench

FH = Further Hearing

FRF = Final Report False

FRT = Final Report True

GP = Government Pleader

GR = General Register

GRO = General Register Officer

HCD = High Court Division

HD = High Court Division

IO = Investigation Officer/ Investigating Officer

IPTT = Immovable Property Transfer Tax

LDT = Land Development Tax

LRAP = Land Reform Action Programme

LRB = Land Reforms Board

LL.B = Bachelor of Laws (Latin term- Legum Baccalaureus)

LL.M = Master of Laws

ME = Memorandum of Evidence

MLJPA = Ministry of Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs

MOL = Ministry of Land

MOLF = Ministry of Live Stock and Fisheries

NBW =Non Bailable Warrant

ND = Next Date

NFA = National Fishermen’s Association

NFMP = New Fisheries Management Policy

P&A = Proclamation And Attachment

PD = Peremtory Date of Hearing

PH = Peremptory Hearing

PLD = Pakistan Legal Decisions

PM = Post Mortem

P.O = Place of Occurrence

PP = Public Prosecutor

PR = Previous Record

PRB = Police Regulation Bengal

PW = Prosecution Witness or Plaintiff Witness / Production Warrant

RDC = Revenue Deputy Collector

RI = Rigorous Imprisonment

ROR = Record of Rights

SC = Supreme Court

SD = Settling Date

SI = Simple Imprisonment / Sub-Inspector

SR = Service Return / Specific Relief

SRS = Survey and Re-settlement  Operations

SW = Search Warrant

TIP = Test Identification Parade

TRC = Till Rise of The Court

TS = Title Suit

UFO = Upazilla Fisheries Officer

UNO = Upazilla Nirbahi Officer

UP = Union Parishad

VOP = Vide Over Page

WA = Warrant of Arrest

WO = Written Objection

WS = Written Statement

WW = Witness Warrant

ZSO = Zonal Settlement Officer

Law Journals


ATC = Administrative Tribunal Cases

BC = Bangladesh Code

BCR = The Bangladesh Case Reports

BG = Bangladesh Gazette

BLC = Bangladesh Law Chronicles Times

BLD = Bangladesh Legal Decisions

BLT = Bangladesh Law Times

BSCD  Bangladesh Supreme Court Digest

BSCR =  Bangladesh Supreme Court Reports

BTD = Bangladesh Tax Decision

DLR = The Dhaka Law Reports

LG = Law Guardian

MLR = The Mainstream Law Reports


CLC = The Civil Law Cases

NLR = National Law Report

PATD = Pakistan Annual Law Digest

PCr.LJ = Pakistan Criminal Law Journal

PLC = Pakistan Labour Cases

PLD =  The All Pakistan Legal Decision

PLJ = Pakistan Law journal

PLR = Pakistan Law Reports

PSC = Pakistan Supreme Court Cases

PTD = Pakistan Annual Tax Decision

SCMR = Supreme Court Monthly Review


AIR = All India Report

BLR = Bombay Law Reporter

CC = Company Cases

CLJ = Calcutta Law Journal

Cr.LJ = Criminal Law Journal

CWN = Calcutta Weekly Notes

ECC = Excise & Customs Cases

IC = Indian Cases

ILR = Indian Law Reports

ITR = Income Tax Report

LIC = Labour & Industrial Cases

SCC = Supreme Court Cases

SCR = Supreme Court Reports

SCW = Supreme Court Weekly

SLD = Service Law Digest

SLJ = All India Service Law Journal

SLR = Service Law Reporter

WLR = Weekly Law Reports


AIIER = The All England Law Reports

WLR = Weekly Law Reports


AC = Law Reports Appeal Cases

ALR = American Law Reports

CJS = Corpus Juris Secundum


LCLR = Legal Circle Law Reports

MLR = Mainstream Law Reports

QB = Queens Bench Division

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