A fact is something which can be perceived by our any of five senses or of which a person may be conscious. So the fact might be external of internal. According to the bentham’s classification a fact may be physical or psychological. External facts are physical and the internal facts are psychological and the evidence act adopt the classification.

Clause one gives physical or External facts all those things which we can see, hear, touch are physical facts. A man is bleeding, his body was black, face blue, he was vomiting, he wrote the name of the person  on earth by finger with the help of blood and all these are physical or external facts because we can perceive all this by our natural 5 senses.

And clause two gives psychological or internal facts. What was intention of the doer of an act, whether he did it knowingly or intentionally, whether he does is frequently or sudden. what and how was the man feeling at the particular time. all these are psychological facts.

The term ‘’fact’’ means (Evidence) and includes-

  1. Any thing,state of things,or relation of things,capable of being perceived by the senses;
  2. Any mental condition of which any person is conscious.


  • That man heard or saw something, is a fact.
  • That man said certain words is a fact
  • That women has a certain reputation,is a fact.
  • The jar kept on the table,is a fact.
  • That a man holds a certain opinion,has a certain intention,acts in good faith,acts fraudulently,or uses a word in a particular sense,or is or was at a specified time conscious of a particular sensation,is a fact.
  • That girl has so and so name, is a fact.

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