Euthanasia: Right to Life by supreme law

We all concerned about our right. What if you have every single right but at the end of your life you have to depend on others, live a life of kindness or so pains that you can’t tolerate when ending your life is the only relief. How do you evaluate your rights then?

Let’s see what you can do in such situation: 1. You can keep suffering until the end of your life. 2. You can attempt suicide (If you are that much capable then) or 3. You can ask someone to help you to kill yourself (Associated Suicide). Now we should see the consequences too.

In the First case, your pains will so intolerable that you’re dear once will feel it. Your family economic position will come down abruptly and at the end, you might be homeless and treatment less too. In the second scenario, if you are not dead by then, you may have to face a fair (!) trial under section – 309 of The Penal Code – 1860 as a Criminal (!!) and could be punished with imprisonment up to one year, or fine, or both; Nice isn’t it? Ok now let’s picture our last situation, that person who helped you to commit suicide on your request kill/ attempts to kill you might be charged under section – 306 of the Act and could be punished with imprisonment which may extend to ten years, and shall also be liable to fine. So, it is pretty clear that there is no easy way out of this situation.

Interestingly some jurists tried to justify these provisions as defending humanity while the creator themselves decriminalized suicide via “Suicide Act 1961” (UK) and most of the developed country did the same. Contrariwise our constitution gives us right to life and personal liberty in Article 32. Right to life doesn’t only mean protection from individual, it also mean protection from states arbitrary power and any law which violates the basic needs to possess a human life cannot stand as a law; therefore against the right to life. So as they are contrary to the fundamental rights mentioned in our constitution and shall be omitted under Article 26 of the constitution of Bangladesh.

Now, a question may come “What are we talking about?” Is it I want suicide to be legal? Well, that might be “Yes” form a technical view but the real point is; A man must have his right and control over his life and if he thinks it is necessary to end his life in his own way, that must be heard and permitted by a proper authority. This authority might be a court, medical board, board of specialized person or a bench of expert of all matter related to the man.

This demand might look Vague in our ineptitude legal system but it is something that total Right is. In a single term, it is called Euthanasia. All most all upright countries accept Euthanasia in their legal framework as a respect for human life and we should respect the human life likewise.

Rayhanul Islam

Legal activist & Practitioner - Editor - Researcher - Learner; A person who uses Logic & Law as his tool. He is on a quest to bring positive change to the legal sector of Bangladesh. He promotes legal knowledge and human right concept to the root level. e-mail:

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