Assignment of a Life Insurance Policy simply means transfer of rights from one person to another. The policyholder can transfer the rights of his insurance policy to another for various reasons and this process is called Assignment.The person who assigns the policy, i.e. transfers the rights, is called the Assignor and the one to whom the policy has been assigned, i.e. the person to whom the policy rights have been transferred is called the Assignee. Once the rights have been transferred to the Assignee, the rights of the Assignor stands cancelled and the Assignee becomes the owner of the policy.

Assignment of Life Insurance Policies
There are 2 types of Assignment:
1. Absolute Assignment – This means complete Transfer of Rights from the Assignor to the Assignee, without any further conditions applicable.
2. Conditional Assignment – This means that the Transfer of Rights will happen from the Assignor to the Assignee subject to certain conditions. If the conditions are fulfilled then only the Policy will get transferred from the Assignor to the Assignee.
Let’s take an example:
Rahul owns 2 Life Insurance policies of value Rs 2 lakhs and Rs 5 lakhs respectively. He would like to gift one policy of Rs 2 lakhs to his best friend Ajay. In that case, he would like to absolutely assign the policy in his name such that the death or maturity proceeds are directly paid to him. Thus, after the assignment, Ajay becomes the absolute owner of the policy. If he wishes, he may again transfer it to someone else for any other reason. This type of Assignment is calledAbsolute Assignment.
Absolute Assignment
Now, Rahul needed to take a loan for Rs 5 lakhs. So, he thought of doing so against the other policy that he owned for Rs 5 lakhs. To take a loan from ABC bank, he needed to conditionally assign the policy to that Bank and then the bank would be able to pay out the loan money to him. If Rahul failed to repay the loan, then the bank would surrender the policy and get their money back.
Once Rahul’s loan is completely repaid, then the policy would again come back to him. In case, Rahul died before completely repaying the loan, then also the bank can surrender the policy to get their money back. This type of Assignment is called Conditional Assignment.
Conditional Assignemnt

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