The Dikko Affair 1984

The Dikko Affair 1984

PRINCIPLE: A diplomatic bag is immune form check or observation of any authority; it can not be opened or captured without permission. If any I in case of any incident happened that the diplomatic bag has been in an illegal way or think that for the reasonable cause then it should maintained its non violation process.

FACT OF THE CASE: Mr. Dikko was a Nigerian political leader who kept away from London and to staying there he speech against the Nigerian Military Government. He arrested by the Nigerian Diplomatic agent after that to use a high power of drug to slept him for the reason of trafficking him in Nigeria by the diplomatic bag. But in the airport the bag was challenged by the airline authority checked by the authority Dikko was found that bag senseless.

ISSUE: Whether it was reasonable to open diplomatic bag by the airline authority?

DECESION: The court held that, the airline authority does this which is necessary to avoid the use advantages diplomatic.

REASONING: To restrain or avoid the abuse of diplomat, activities of airline authority did not do any wrong which is conflicting the international law.


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