The I’m Alone (1935)

The I’m Alone (1935)

Principle: Hot Pursuit must be continuous.

Fact: In 1929 a Canadian registered ship named “I am alone” was smuggling into the inline sea of USA. USA naval police signal it to stop but getting the signal it starts running to the high sea. Then the USA naval police ship Hot Pursuit that ship with their ship Wolcott and open fire towards  “I am alone” ship after that when USA naval police had realized that their Wolcott would fail to catch “I am alone” they deploy another ship named Dextar. Dextar started hot pursuit and likewise fire targeting “I am alone” ship as a result “I am alone” ship hit by the boom and sink; it happened after 200 nautical miles.

Issue: whether USA had the right to hot pursuit or not?

Whether the Hot Pursuit by Dextar was legal or not?

Decision: The court held the judgment on behalf of Canada.

Reasoning: USA had the right to hot pursuit but hot pursuit must be continuous in nature, therefore the engagement of Dexter was not legal.

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