Abu Daud Case, 1977 | Munich massacre case

Abu Daud Case, 1977| Munich massacre case

abu Doud

Principle: Extradition application should be in a proper way and proper manner and Political offence should be carefully distinguisher form terror attacks.

Fact: In 1976 Munich Olympic game, a palatine citizen Mr. Abu Daud murdered many athletes of Israel by blast boom. After that, Abu Daud fled to franc and start leaving there but France intelligence arrested him, after the arrest of Abu Daud both German and Israel claimed his extradition. Germany claimed for the reason that the offence was made in his country. On the other hand Israel claimed because of the murder its athletes.

Issue: Whether there has any right to claim extradition by Germany or Israel.

Decision: The court held that both the countries have the right to claim extradition of Abu Daud. But none of them were entitled to extradite him due to lack of proper formalities.

Reasoning: Germany did not claim Abu Daud for extradition in a proper way.

The crime did not occur in Israel so that they had no right to extradite him in Israel.

Comment: it is often political decision made by leaders which is expressed by judicial format. This extradition would have been possible it the court could try other legal arguments.



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