The embassy of Iraq in Pakistan Case 1973

The embassy of Iraq in Pakistan Case 1973

Principle: Diplomatic Immunity must be used to serve its purpose only.

Fact: At a weapons shipment smuggled from the Soviet Union with Iraqi assistance. He reported that the weapons were being kept in the Iraqi embassy in Islamabad. On 10 February 1973, the Pakistani authorities began to prepare a quick military operation. After limited hours of planning, a special military operation was led by Special Service Group accompanied by the Pakistan Paramilitary Rangers to storm the Iraqi embassy. Following this incident, authorities found 300 Soviet submachine guns with 50,000 rounds of ammunitions and large amount of money that was to be distributed amongst Baluchi separatist groups.

Issue: Whether the act of Pakistan was a violation of international law or not?

Decision: The court held that there was not a violation of international law.

Reasoning: Diplomats and diplomatic place gets special immunity from local jurisdiction to ensure their business which are guided by international law, any violation or misuse can be prevented by host country.

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