Some Latin Phrases

Some Latin Phrases

da062823d8b4c3c0943e44cb6335e053ad hoc = for this purpose

amicus curiae = friend of the court

bona fide = in good faith

corpus delicti = “body of the crime”- material evidence that crime has occurred

cui bono = good for whom, i.e. who benefits?

de facto = according to the fact or deed

de jure = according to the law

de minimis non curat lex = the law takes no account of trifles

et uxor = and (his) wife

ex officio = by virtue of the office held

ex post facto = a new law applied retroactively to a deed already done

habeas corpus = you may have the body; writ requiring party be brought to court promptly

mala fide = in bad faith

in flagrante delicto = in the act

in prope persona = in one’s own person – without a lawyer

ipso facto = by the very deed

modus operandi = manner of working, operating

nolo prosequi = “i don’t wish to prosecute” (will drop all parts of a law suit)

nolo contendere = i will not contend (plea equal to admission of guilt allows recourse to deny the matter in subsequent proceedings)

non compos mentis = not of sane mind

obiter dictum = a judicial opinion not binding on other courts

onus probandi = burden of proof

per se = in itself

prima facie = at first sight

pro forma = as a matter of form only

pro tempore (pro tem) = for the time being, temporarily

quid pro quo = something for something – a fair exchange

sine die = without a specific date set for reconvening

subpeona = under (threst of) punishment

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