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I am Rayhanul Islam, founder and editor in chief of this legal platform. This is a platform for all legal enthusiasts where anyone who has certain legal, practical or social knowledge can participate. It is a hub to connect lawyers, experts, students, researchers, analyst as well as any layman who is interested in legal affairs or searching for any legal answer. As you are already here, I am sure you are interested in law and legal issues. We believe you have potentials to contribute to this legal platform too. This is an open platform for quality writeup, that may be a tutorial on any subject or an Article on any legal issue, Case or problem-solving answer. It can also be any news or events related to Law or legal sector. As we are the future social engineer and learner, you may also write on any social, political, philosophical, moral issue or propose any new idea or reformation for the betterment of the society, you are also welcomed to criticize the system and point out the solution. Publish your findings or research. Writing about any campus or opportunities that an enthusiast can have, write (Law) Book review that could be added as supplementary to the legal writings.

As a future lawyer / Jurist, just information is not enough for us; skill is also required, especially, public speaking, debate, mooting, drafting, creative thinking, research is more necessary among others. If you have such skills, share it with us via our platform, make the flow of legal information easy and in the easiest way to the mass people around the world.

Write for the people, let them know your potential, publish your content to this legal platform. let them reach to you with this non-profit platform, let’s help others to establish the law and order situation, let’s fulfil our responsibility towards our society.

Feel free to express yourself. Send your writings to our team with your short profile and related pictures (if any) at [email protected]

Thank you.

Rayhanul Islam
Editor in chief and Founder of Lawhelpbd
[email protected]

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