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We are once again starting our legal help section for our visitors. We will provide both primary legal support and fact-specific professional support. Get our online law help today.

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Online law Help
Need Legal Support? We are here;

Primary Legal Support (Free):

Based on your query we will provide the answer to your questions relating to law, rules, regulations and practice. We may also recommend you articles or services that you may need. We will try to write new articles according to the needs of our visitors.

Please Click Here and fill-up the form to get our primary Legal support.

Note: This is a voluntary service LawHelpBD do not take any responsibility to confirm your legal support. Due to a large number of request, we may take some time to reply, you are cordially requested to inspire us via Facebook page like, YouTube subscription etc. That will inspire us to provide your answer as soon as possible.

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We are not an alternative to any professional support. Discretion Advised. 

Professional Support:

A team of legal practitioners will deal with your fact-specific issue/case/suit and they will provide you with professional feedback through e-mail. You may ask for Legal Advice, Drafting, Suggestion, Court or Chamber Support Etc. Each Single case will be dealt with differently and shall require a minimum based on the type of your query / Support/ Drafting or Documentation. After filling up the form a practitioner will e-mail you to support you and he will inform you what information or documents he might need to deal with your issue, he will also inform you about the primary procedure and coasts you may need to take care.

Please Click Here and fill-up the form to get our Professional Legal Support.

How to get the support? (Procedure)

2. A list will open up [in the right hand side (desktop)]
3. Fill up the form properly, use valid information.
4. Mention what type of service do you want.
5. We will communicate you through e-mail.
6. Check your e-mail and reply.

1. Use the default link given above or just click on the pop-up at the bottom-left side of your screen.

You may also like to follow our ” Before you proceed” section to know what you can do before you ask for our help and what you should not do.

Note: Every individual support shall amount to a separate contract with the practitioner/lawyer after you affirmed to his/her proposal. LawHelpBD shall not be responsible for any further consequence.  

Please read all the terms and conditions carefully

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