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Legal Video

Legal Video

Are you interested in law and order? but you do not like to read much. Here are our youtube channel and videos for you so that you can learn useful law in your own...

Declaratory suit 0

Declaratory suit (section 42)

Where there is any confusion or conflict as to the right to property or any legal character then a court may provide a declaration clearing and solving that matter, the suit is known as...

Restitution section 144 of Cpc 0


Restitution is getting back or Re-establishment of the right or property that has been lost due to some erroneous legal decision. Meaning Restitution has not been defined under law but it can be explained...

Need a Lawyer at Dhaka?

Need a Lawyer at Dhaka?

Lawyer at Dhaka If you are searching for a reputed law firm at Dhaka who can provide you with the Best professional legal support within your budget, search no more. We are here to...