Gandhi’s “Satyagrah”

Nothing but the truth should be the stand to combat the evil and convert the wrong in the way of non-violence. This philosophical view was coined and developed by Mr Gandhi; was known as “Satyagrah” or Truth-force. The idea had revolutionized the thought of protest in a whole new way, which is significantly different than its closest path of “Passive resistance” that often ended up in a conflicting situation, whereas, “Satyagrah” is theoretically designed to sustain with peace, despite any the situation. Gandhi believed, “the problem of British rule was a moral one – not the denial of self-determination but the fact that British rule, as he saw it, trapped India in a world where violence was rampant and where society was organized on competitive lines as people scrambled for wealth and power. ” He wanted to change the thought of the ruler in a peaceful way so that, the ruler faces some moral obligation as well as to get the support of peace-loving people.

Gandhi paid great attention to keep the movement non-violent. He struggled to fight against the odds inside own community and re-educating the traditional Indian society with thousands of cultures and hundreds of political platform were not so easy. Sometimes the process deemed to be failed and he had to call off some campaigns too. These efforts upheld him in a new place as the view was widely maintained by most of the Indians and accepted by the world community. Nonetheless, this effort was not a direct cause of independence of India rather it fuelled the protest from a different aspect, it tied the knots on the chain events of Indian independence, which made this philosophy very compiling even in the present world politics today.



Rayhanul Islam

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