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There are many situations when people are confused whether he needs to call a lawyer friend or take professional legal help. Questions may also arise as to why or when to take legal advice.  How to choose an advocate in Bangladesh? Is another much-needed question to be answered. Let’s have these answers along with our work procedure and a request to communicate with us if needed.

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Why do you need professional legal help?

Law Help BD provides open information about legal issues and on its real-life application. We also provide free legal support to give a basic idea of law and what a person might do in a certain situation, and we provide this support for free based on the clear text of the law and with the general knowledge of a lawyer. Most of the time basic free legal support is good enough for our visitors but it is quite obvious that a lawyer can not and shall not answer on a legal question without knowing the details of the situation and without further legal analysis. 

It must be noted that a lawyer needs to research and try various strategies to get the best outcome for his client which can be different than a general explanation of the law. Specific relief requires special time and in-depth analysis with the consideration of all facts, situations, and parties in relation to the case. Therefore, we advise our visitors to consider our free legal advice as a plain guideline and to take professional legal help before involving with any legal matter. 

You may think that you can call a friend and ask about your concerned matter, that’s quite usual but keep in mind that no professional will give his concrete answer without knowing the details and proper analysis because that could create more problems than the solution; moreover, if you take formal legal advice then your relations become professional and you can make your advocate liable for his advice and action. In addition, your secrets will be protected by law as privileged communication. If you just ask some known person about your legal matter that might not be the case. 


When to take professional legal advice?


Hire your lawyer

The answer is very straightforward, you should take legal advice on any event that is an unusual business for you and where legal documentation is required or in a matter where you think you may get into a legal issue. 

If you are a person from no legal background and someone explains a law to you, you may think that is simple to understand but in reality, laws are full of exceptions and relations with each other. There are new case laws, rules, and reservations every now and then. So, laws are not as simple as you think.

People tend to avoid proper legal measures and try to follow the shortcut to save some time and money. Unfortunately, that became a headache for them and in the long run, they lose much more than they initially saved by not taking legal advice and not to mention the anxiety and the collateral damage that comes free with it. Therefore, it is wise to take legal advice from the very beginning of your project or whenever you feel it is necessary. Some examples are given below.


Business, Contracts and settlements

When you are executing a valuable deal or starting a new business, whether company, firm, or business in a joint venture you need to go through the papers and documentation. A law firm will come handy in this situation, they can work for you. Business statements and alternative dispute resolution (ADR) are some other aspects of business law that may require professional help. 


Real estate, Land and Property

Generally, Real estate is one of the most valuable properties for a person. People end up spending their life long saving to get a piece of the dream property. To buy a property you have to go through tons of documents like present and past record of rights, position, shareholders, other liabilities, and concerning civil suits. Some numbers or names if goes wrong could make the property a liability rather than being an asset. To avoid such unwanted consequences it is essential to ensure legal vetting is done properly and for that job a lawyer is much needed.

In above-mentioned subject matters, many consider a Deed-writer or a roadside composer with a computer as an option because that is cheap and easy but to be honest that could be suicidal for you. They have little to no knowledge about the law and judicial system. So, please do think about your future and spend rationally for your future. 


Family, Marriage and Inheritance (Personal Law)

Property distribution of a deceased person, will, gift etc. are governed according to the personal law of a person. Marriage, dower, divorce, maintenance of a child, child custody etc. are also included in the list of personal law. If these issues are mutually solved you may not need a lawyer but if you do not understand your right properly or if you sense any discomfort or any conflict of interest you may like to hire a lawyer.


Criminal matter

If you are a victim of a crime and your case is not taken by the police you should go to a lawyer and file a case directly to the court or where it is filed by police but you are not getting the satisfactory result in the procedural or trial stage you should consult a lawyer to review your present situation and that will help you to negotiate with your investigating officer as well as your public prosecutor. Moreover, you can hire a lawyer as a co-council of the public procedure with his permission to assist the case with dedicated time to get your satisfactory result.

If you are a convicted person, no matter what you have or have not done you are an innocent person in the eye of law until proven guilty. You have your constitutional (supreme) right not to speak against your interest no matter what others are doing and you must consult a lawyer for immediate action. 

You should also take legal advice from a lawyer when you think your life or property is in danger or you are expecting some legal action against you or simply when you think you know something important that requires legal aid.

Case under Penal Code, Arms act, Digital security act, Drugs act,  Nari o Shishu act (The Prevention of Women & Children Repression Act 2000), Domestic Violence act, Arrest, Bail, etc are some of the most common criminal matters nowadays. You should contact a lawyer immediately if you think you may face any issue regarding any of such criminal matters. 

There is a number of other legal issues like Labour law, special law, human rights and constitutional issues etc.

Hire a Lawyer in Bangladesh


How to select the best lawyer for you?

If you are new to legal procedure there is a 90% chance that you would contact your lawyer buddy to help and most of the time that works fine, he himself could try the case or refer/collaborate with another lawyer who is good with the subject matter of your case. But before you proceed make sure that he is not a  shady practitioner, has a clean image before the court and has active participation in the legal world.  You can hire any Lawyer, Advocate, Barrister, Senior Advocate according to your case and your condition. You should not spend less or more than what is required.


Hire Us

Considering the above information you can hire us too. We try to provide the best possible remedy to our clients according to their needs and their situation.  We have a number of Lawyers, Advocates, Barristers associated with us. Moreover, we suggest you the best lawyer for your task. We can work together in three simple steps


Inform us and get an idea

Inform us about your problem via our form (given below) or email us at [email protected] write us in details including the facts, place, present situation, and do not forget to add your phone number and occupation. Ask for professional help in the form or mail. 

We shall reply to you within two working days, considering the prima facie of the case we will give you general advice and will refer to you our expert associate who is experienced on your subject matter to give you the best possible result. 

How to get the support? (Procedure)

Contact us via

  1. Law Help BD web form: fill-up the form here
  2. Contact through our Facebook page/messenger: Law Help BD
  3. E-mail: [email protected]
  4. Call for appointment: phone: +880 1840402594

Please select your service type in our online form and mention service type in other methods.



Talk to your advocate and let him analyse

In this step, you have to talk to the recommended advocate by visiting our chamber with all the documents related to your case. The advocate will talk to you to understand the complete scenario of the situation and will analyse your documents, then he will give you formal legal advice as to what can be and should be done in the particular situation.  Based on that legal advice you may proceed according to your wish or you can empower us to take action on behalf of you.

Online legal advice / Get help from abroad

In a certain situation when it is impossible or hard to reach to our chamber i.e. from abroad or in an emergency situation we offer you online legal advice. If you are from abroad we will guide you as to how to maintain your legal duty from abroad. The procedure is similar to our general analysis procedure but you have to get the appointment with 50% remuneration in advance. You have to use video calling technology as well as e-mail to send us your scanned documents.


In this third phase, we shall take necessary action like giving legal notice, filing a case or suit, initiate a registration procedure etc. Generally, this action involves other institutions like the Registry office, Police, Court, Government and non-government institutions etc. During the procedure,  we will ensure the best possible outcome for your best interest.  

Hope you have already understood why and when you might need a lawyer and how to hire one; please feel free to contact us. we are always at your service with our best effort.
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