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Hierarchy of Courts in Bangladesh 3

Hierarchy of Courts in Bangladesh

Hierarchy of Courts in Bangladesh There are two divisions of the courts of Bangladesh. A. Supreme Court of Bangladesh B. Subordinate Court (also known as, District Courts or Lower Courts)   A. The Supreme Court...

Need a Lawyer at Dhaka?

Need a Lawyer at Dhaka?

Lawyer at Dhaka If you are searching for a reputed law firm at Dhaka who can provide you with the Best professional legal support within your budget, search no more. We are here to...


Complete Syllabus of Bar Council Enrollment Examination 2020

To be an advocate in Bangladesh a candidate must pass in the three-step examination procedure, known as Bar council Enrollment examination or Advocateship enrollment examination. The steps are; Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) Written Examination...

Affidavit law 2

Affidavit A to Z

Affidavit is a very common procedure to our legal system, in some point or other we need to execute affidavit for various legal formalities but often we do not bother to think about the...