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Law Help BD is an open non-profit platform for all law enthusiastic people. We are spreading legal knowledge to make a more aware global citizen. We publish a number of articles, case analysis, thoughts etc. On our social site and by e-mail we provide basic legal advice for free, we do not provide fact-based solutions and do not provide on phone advice. We are not an alternative to a lawyer. As the authors, editors and the advisers are putting their effort voluntarily they are not responsible to answer any visitor.

Our articles come through a review process by our editor and also by advisors, if necessary. However, we do not claim any liability of any article the authors are solely responsible for their write-ups.

We do not appreciate or depreciate further personal communication with editors, contributor or any other person who is related to Law Help BD and advice the visitors any further communication or action and the consequence for that communication or action by no means made the lawhelpbd or any of its other personals liable.


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