Why should I write here?

If you are asking this question to yourself we congratulate you for your reasonable thought. Let me tell you why you would consider us as your partner on the journey of sharing your knowledge.

  1. You must be happy to spread your name around the world; Yes, we know any internet account can do that but over 1000 humans entrust this site every day, who visits our site and as our site is very specifically designed for law enthusiast to provide the best outcome special audience visits the most. So it is better to publish your write-up here to reach more people who really need it.
  2. Our Search Engine friendly website helps your article to reach the visitor more efficiently than others, our special sharing technology shares your article in the social networks as soon as it is published online.
  3. We are not a news site; this site is to share knowledge and to help each other. Generally, the sub-page law section of news site put so much conditionality such as word limit, no footnote, style, method, procedure etc. and often reluctant to publish the write-ups of unknown authors. On the other hand, our procedure is quite simple, straight & more liberal towards all.
  4. Where Law Reviews demands special knowledge we don’t but we just want new topics on our website which is not plagiarised or old topic (already in our articles) but explained in a new way. we recommend footnote, necessary linking, an introduction and presented in a way so that people could easily understand but these are not mandatory too. Whereas Law Reviews have tons of conditions (Referencing, minimum word limit, structure, research etc.) and a lengthy process to follow which is quite irritating sometimes.
  5. Friendly Editorial board, who will publish your article generally within 48 hours (if ok. also articles might be removed based on the advice of advisor or editor in chief)
  6. Our site is more secure for your intellectual property, no one can just click and copy your content; on the other hand, you will have control over your profile and articles, you will be able to publish, edit and correct your article when necessary. (Subject to fair use & approval process)
  7. Experts opinion, our advisors shall time to time advise us and contributors to write better and we believe that will be a great help to you too.
  8. Credibility – This is the most valid question for any person who is thinking in the academic line. Any write-ups of yours shall go through a process where capable editors shall evaluate your Article then it will be published, within this time or immediately after publishing our Honorable Advisor will/ would comment and further action shall be taken according to their advice. So, Of course, The publish articles shall gain its own weight being published here.


No, That’s not all, there are cheaper options to show but we believe If you fail to understand those rest of the common benefits you really have nothing to offer our audience and that’s why we consider not to promote those cheap options at all, we prefer quality.

It always takes some courage to Help Others. Help Others, Prove yourself. Fulfill your social obligation.

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