Rayhanul Islam Founder & Editor, Law Help BD

Rayhanul Islam
Founder & Editor, Law Help BD

Rayhanul Islam

Founder & Editor of LawHelpBD.com
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About Rayhanul Islam

Rayhanul Islam is the founder and main author of this legal platform, he manages the site, co-ordinate the editors being the editor in chief and receives suggestion and advice from the honorable advisors. He considers himself as an original thinker; often challenges the regular rule of conduct considering various perspective on the basis of scientific reasoning to ensure the peace and prosperity of the society.

He works as lawyer at Bangladesh Supreme Court and promotes legal knowledge and human right concept to the root level. The author is also a tech enthusiast and web developer, he loves psychology and philosophy as well.

He want to dedicate myself to pursue knowledge and to achieve experiences that may satisfy his curious mind as well as the needs of society, in particular I intend to be associated with some positive discourse that will help to ensure justice in society.

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