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Concept of the Law of Tort

The concept of Tort law is not very native to the common people, It foreign and quite confusing to a general person. Moreover, the application of tort law in Bangladesh is also countable as...

Intention and motive to a crime 2

Mens Rea; Intention vs Motive explained

In criminal law elements of a crime are very important. These elements are divided into two primary categories; Mens Rea & Actus Rea, both are equally important in order to be an offence. This...

Steps Towards Advocacy 2

Steps Towards Advocacy

Advocacy is one of the most challenging profession out there where thousands of people compete with each other to give their best to make someone smile. Besides that, it is one of those professions...

NGO in Bangladesh 4

NGO insight; Laws & Registration in Bangladesh

Organizations act as the backbone of a society. There are various kinds of organizations but under the main heading, we can divide them into three part Government organizations, Private organizations and Non Governmental organizations....

Forensic psychology 0

Forensic psychology and present-day use | 02

In our previous article, we see the adoption of Psychology into law and the emergence of Forensic Psychology. When someone is less known about the legal adoption of scientific methods and studies it may...