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Evidence Act, 1872 laid down the rules of evidence of any case or civil suit. the act must be followed to prove the claim of the aggrieved person to make him liable and to be punished. It articulated when and how to relate facts and issues with the law, how to maintain the procedure, opinion, classifications of evidence and documents etc. Here we will retouch these matters with real-life application, tips and tricks along with relevant laws and case laws.

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Fact: On 27-10-75 the informant PW1 Whahid ali’s on Bablu returned home after dusk with his moveable stationary shop form lathiganj hat. He had his night meal and was taking rest in the courtyard,...

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Classification of Evidence

Evidence is one of the key factors in a case but all the materials do not carry the same value as others. therefore the classification of evidence must be carefully noted and applied appropriately when...