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Law Help BD is online since 2013 to help others. Now we need your help too, this non-profit website draws a good amount of investment and time of experts. with the huge number of visitor, our service and maintenance cost is increasing extravagantly, If we calculate the investment and efforts of the website the amount will be good enough to buy a motor vehicle.

No, We are not asking for the donation at the beginning but in order to sustain in this capitalist regime, we need money too but that not the only option.

Here is how you can help our effort to sustain.

  1. Write For LawHelpBD
  2. Provide constructive comments so that the authors and editors can improve their lacking.
  3. Share the articles.
  4. Inspire others to write, convey the effort of our platform.
  5. Advise us: If you are an expert on any concerned filed, please do advise us.
  6. Provide Legal advice for the visitors: Give legal advice to the needy visitors, the advice shall be given with your name and reference, we promote primary advice but not emergency one or with full documentation.
  7. Provide technical support: We have many more projects to follow but due to lack of experts and equipment, we are straggling to start new projects. You may help with your technical knowledge. for example, Graphics Designer, Web developer, Host provider, Photographers can help. Your equipment like Camera, Microphone, Drawing board can also help us a lot.
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  9. Advertise with us: We have 1000+ Unique hits, your money will not be wasted. Especially if you are in Human Rights field, or camping something that has a connection with legal field. Such as Educational Institution(Legal), Environmental Law, Sustainable development, Book, Institution, NGO etc. You may also help us to get these advertisements.
  10. Build your website with w3builders: w3builders providing us their wonderful support to run this website and helping with the development service and domain-hosting support. If you need any website or IT support to contact them and use “LHBD 10” promotional code to get 10% off on all service (except domain). That will help them to support us. They are specialized in law Firm site.

We believe you can do at list one of the help listed above, please help us to serve the people otherwise we might limit our service with excessive ads, or paid subscription, or limit our service.

Thank you.

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