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Primary Legal Support online (Free) :

Based on your query we will provide the answer to your questions relating to law, rules, regulations and practice. We may also recommend some articles or services that you may need.

You may write to us about your legal questions, we do not prefer any fact-specific in-depth issue but you are very welcome to send us your general legal query; for example, you may ask us “what are the steps of a legal problem?” or “You can do on a certain situation” or any question about the law of Bangladesh or about international law, we may also provide primary legal support about any civil or criminal matter;  but not on an issue like,  “Our case is in trial.. that has __ stage… after that, .. ” or “My grandfather had left 4 sons and 3 daughters  …..  how to distribute our property?”

Also, we do not provide free support;

  • When you have already taken any help form another advocate
  • Support requested for a third person
  • Question regarding legal stratagy, cost, documentation formate /sample
  • Immediate support
  • Support regarding land and immoveable property & related issues
  • Support where number of docuements are conserned

In such case we recommend you to take our professional support.

Our primary legal support is absolutely free but due to a long list of queries with limited resources it may take some time to get your reply, so please be patient. However, you can always get our priority list by liking our Facebook Page and Subscribing to your YouTube Channel.

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  3. E-mail: [email protected]

Please select your service type in our online form and mention service type in other methods.

Note: This is a voluntary service LawHelpBD do not take any responsibility to confirm your legal support. We are not an alternative to any professional support. Discretion Advised. 

You may also try our professional service if you need a more specific, detailed and robust answer. There are many situations when people are confused about whether he needs to call a lawyer friend or take professional legal help. Questions may also arise as to why or when to take legal advice. How to choose an advocate in Bangladesh? This is another much-needed question to be answered. To know all these answers please visit our Professional Legal Help page.

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