User Guideline for Law Help BD

Welcome to the 1st open legal platform for Bangladeshi People, It is open for all, where you can write, comment and even ask for help as well.

If you are a visitor like most of the people are, you may want to know more, simply comment on the article. Your Google, Facebook or an account site on our site will allow you to do that. Then you can easily comment here but Authority has the power to remove any indecent comment.

 How to complete the other procedures?


When you will send us your writing and if it is permitted to publish then we will mail you with all the details (it can also be in the spam folder)

Log in, settings and password changing:

In the home page at the upper right side you will get an option “Log in” and by clicking there you will get a new form page where you have to log in with your given ID and password. After completing the log in process you can easily change your password and other settings. Again, you can also add your write up here.

How to write and when it will publish:

You will get an option to write after logging in but it will not publish until you get the permission of the editor and the permission procedure could take up to three days. If you write often without any mistake or if it is more accepted then you can grab the opportunity of being an author only after publishing two or three writings.

Focus on the following matters:

  • An applicable and attractive heading is needed.
  • Select the correct category.
  • Use tag where is no category.
  • Please check your needed tag.
  • Justify your write up.
  • Use some image (better if you use it by link)
  • Share your write up on social networks.

Why it is a Bangla-English combined site:

As this site was created to ease the legal issues of general people so for the better understanding of general people Bangla has been used. Again for the Law students and practitioners, English is needed and there are also some terms which cannot be easily translated. So, both of the languages are used here simultaneously.

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