Category: Code of Civil Procedure (CPC)

Code of Civil Procedure, 1908 (CPC) the main procedural law in case of civil matters. It describes how to initiate a civil suit, how to maintain the proceedings such as submission of a suit, pleadings, pre-trial and post-trial procedure, execution, Decree, Order, Judgement, Appeal, Review, Revision etc.

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Restitution section 144 of Cpc 0


Restitution is getting back or Re-establishment of the right or property that has been lost due to some erroneous legal decision. Meaning Restitution has not been defined under law but it can be explained...


Plaint [CPC 05]

A civil suit is instituted via a plaint, based on the claims of a plaint the opposite party replies and thus starts a civil suit. It is essential to understand the basics of plaint...

Pleadings & Amendment of pleadings 0

Pleadings [CPC 04]

A civil suit must be instituted with a pleadings and the main area of conflict shall be determined via pleadings. Moreover, the parties must limit their claims and submit their documents that are mentioned...


Injunction Plaint (Sample)

IN THE COURT OF 5TH JOINT DISTRICT JUDGE, DHAKA; TITLE SUIT NO.  234 OF 2015 Azizul Hakim,                         ..Plaintiff-Petitioner VERSUS Ziaul Ahsan and another     ..Defendant-Opposite Parties An application under Order XXXIX rule 1...