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R v Mill (1995)

R v Mill (1995) Principle: A mother ship though out of the EEZ might be hot pursuited, if one of its boats or other craft working as a team and using that mother ship...

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The M/V Saiga (No. 2) case

The M/V Saiga (No. 2) case Principle: To hot pursuit, the rules of hot pursuit under Article 111 of  United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea must be followed. Fact: Guinea used...

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The I’m Alone (1935)

The I’m Alone (1935) Principle: Hot Pursuit must be continuous. Fact: In 1929 a Canadian registered ship named “I am alone” was smuggling into the inline sea of USA. USA naval police signal it...

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Canada–France Maritime Boundary Case (1992)

Canada–France Maritime Boundary Case (1992) Principle: Equidistance principle, the boundary was set at an equidistant line between the French islands and the Canadian island of Newfoundland. Fact: In 1972, Canada and France signed a treaty that delimited the...

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