Some practical tips and tricks to file a General Diary

Have you lost your valuable belongings? It could be your passport, voter ID card, Check, Student ID or employee ID, Certificate etc. If yes then now you have to follow some procedures to obtain a new one. First of which is to file a General Diary (GD) to the nearest Police Station from where it is lost.

General Diary is a document that records the general information that may help in the further legal proceedings to presume, understand to take certain action based on this general information. GD itself provide any legal remedy, it is not a case or civil suit but it guides police to take certain actions.

GD is required by law under Section 44 of the Police Act 1861. Sections 155 & 157 in Criminal Procedure Code (CrPC) and Regulation 377 of the Police Regulations, Bengal (PRB) also deals with General Diary.

Here are a few practical tips and information that may help you to lodge a General Diary (GD) especially in Bangladesh.

  1. You need to file a GD as soon as possible to the nearest Police Station from where it is lost but before doing that please re-check the place you were just before you realize you have lost your ID. Do check the places you generally keep your belongings, ask your close once (like roommate, wife or mom) to be sure that you really lost it and it cannot be recovered because once you file a GD you cannot legally use it again without informing the police.
  2. Write your GD on your own. [A sample of GD will be given below for your convenience] make exact similar two copy of it and then go to the police station otherwise they may intend to have some money from you.
  3. If you do not where exactly you have lost your belongings select your nearest police station and tell them you lost the ID in their area, do not mention any other place if it is not very much important or life and death situation because if you mention any other place or like you say/mention you lost it where you were travelling from Mothijill to Mirpur the may tell you to go and file a GD at Mothijill Thana which would be again no help to you. Filing A General Diary
  4. If the GD is for just to maintain formalities do not mention much information because except a few extraordinary cases the information rest in the file and police do not take any action. So let it be simple.
  5. In the GD mention the ID/Passport/Check Number, Date of issue, expiry date etc. if you have this information. When you go to a Thana to file a General Diary (GD) the police officer may ask you several questions, answer them shortly. After completing the GD the officer will hand over you a copy of the GD with GD entry number, seal with a sign. That is it, very easy and simple. There is no need to worry no need to wait for another person but it is advised to take a guardian or knowledgeable person with you.

Here is a standard Sample of a General Diary:

Date: ____

Officer In Charge
Dhanmondi Police Station
Dhanmondi, Dhaka

Subject: Application for entry of a General Diary

Dear Sir,
I, Mr __________, son of __________, of __________, P.S: __________, District: __________, is an Advocated by profession. My Present address is Flat: ___, House: ___, Road ___, Agargoan, Dhaka 1207. That, today/ On [date] at around 4 p.m. I went to BNP bazar near my house and after finishing my shopping I returned home at 5.00 p.m. Thereafter, when I search my pocket I realized that I have lost my National ID Card somewhere at the Market (BNP bazar) which falls under the jurisdiction of your Thana.
In the circumstances, I hereby kindly request you to take necessary steps regarding their said matter and entry the said matter as a General Diary with your police Station and oblige me thereby.

Yours truly,

Mr. __________
Corresponding Address:

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