This website had started as a private initiative by Rayhanul Islam (Founder); after finishing his IT degree he focused on law, He started collecting useful information in a local database site on his PC. After being appreciated by his teacher for his new thoughts and writings on the other hand when friends started asking him for study materials, the founder decided to publish his collection online in 2013.

2013 – 2014 was almost sleeping period for LawHelpBD though Search Engines start detecting the website and start sending visitors around the world.

After 2014, a small effort was given to introduce the website to law students and related people, new authors show their interest and start writing in Law Help BD.

In 2015 more authors wanted to join and gradually more visitors were coming around the world, at this point the site was more modified and user-friendly.

2016 was a remarkable year for us, Advocates and Seniors appreciated our effort. Academicians were also showed their interest in the site and they started publishing their materials. We started our Legal Opinion section to help people online in a limited forum.

In 2017, A new Editorial Panel was formed, The Honorable Advisers provided their consent and started advising The Law Help BD website. Students around the country started writing and organization started promoting their events to as the website ranks top in this category in Bangladesh, thousands of visitors start coming every day to get their desired legal knowledge and information.

Due to this heavy traffic, we struggle to manage our website around the year, we have solved the problem with a huge up gradation of technology. Now our website is more first, secure and protected.

Be a part of us, use the benefit of this Legal Platform.

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