Before we proceed

Before we proceed law help bd

Thank you for communicating us, but before we proceed you may like to take some time to know us to get your desired service.

See this instruction in Bangla [বাংলা]

Here are a few steps to save both of our time:

  1. Before you ask any common/basic question “Click Here” any type keyword/s about you query; our special search engine will find the best answer from our websites (In both Bangla & English) to inform you about your issue.
  2. If you need to know the core law too “Click Here” our special search engine will help you to find all the related issues from relevant laws but it’s better not to use this search engine because this may confuse you if you are not a law person.
  3. If you need more assistance visit our  Online Law Help page to get your support.

Please Be concerned that we deeply discourage

  • Seeking support from the fake ID
  • Seeking help for third-party withing having any legal authority
  • Questing to know advocacy plan
  • Asking question when you already have a lawyer and you are asking questions just to be over smart.
  • Providing false information. – etc

Thank you once again.

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