The Savarkar Case, 1911

The Savarkar Case, 1911, France v UK

PRINCIPLE: If any state did not granted any persons asylum or mistakenly send him other state for that reason after then the state send first other didn’t cleared again or the state lastly gave asylum didn’t back the person and that claimed has no validity.

FACT OF THE CASE: Mr. Vinayak Donador Savarkar was being transported in India for trail on a charge of right reason and abutment of murder. He managed to step out at manse tiles throughout the port hole of a water closet. But he was captured by a French Police man who handed him over to the captain of more without extradition proceeding being a political offender. France demanded him back but the British Government refused to surrender.


  • Whether France was entitled extradition of Saverkar?
  • What are the relevant international law and customs in this regard?

DECESION: International court gave decision in favor of Britain and said that here is no rule extradition of international law for that reason the Britain was bound to extradition Saverker in France.

REASONING: There is no rule or Act about extradition in International Law which ground the U.K is bound to extradite Savarkar.


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