Extra Curricular Activities While in a Law School

While as a law student most of us spend our times immersed in law books or DLRs, there are a lot of other things that can be done or should be done as well. In this competitive world no one wants to hire a man without skills anymore. If you wanna stay in the race,run to compete with the other runners then there is no alternative to improve yourself by pushing your capabilities to the ultimate level. So how exactly do we gain those skills required and what exactly are those skills?

For law students, there are a good number of co-curricular activities that one can participate in, to increase his abilities and develop his skills.

Keep calm and be a law student

Be a Law student and be ready for future

For example, there are a lot of organizations out there, which need volunteers for their projects .And you can easily get involved with them by going through certain procedures done by those organizations in order to assess the candidates. By participating in such activities you get a view of the professional world. If you’re willing to work in the development sector then my friend these may add up to your experience list also. You even get to increase your network by meeting different types of people every day. Not to mention, you realize how hard the field work really is at the same time enjoying the social works. Even if you don’t get selected as their volunteers then don’t get saddened with that, the experience always comes in handy and makes you prepare for the next ones to apply for.

However, you can participate in debating, or even moot court competitions by joining your institutions’ debating club or moot court society.

Debating is an extra-curricular activity that would help you a lot to go along with the law profession and studies. Debate enables you to think logically, developing your reasoning power and oratory skills. As a lawyer this would be a must in the later life for any law students In a debate competition, you are given a motion to argue on, and to make yourself prepare on that topic you’re given a certain and a very little amount of time. You have to be a good listener and very much agile at the time of the debating as well to rebuttal the opponents logic and to establish your own one.

In a moot court competition, you become a lawyer for the time being without even graduating from your law school. Sounds exciting; I know. But not a piece of cake mooting is. It requires a lot of research and instant application of legal knowledge. To make the memorial paper for the competition you have to go through a lot of legal books and thus you are acquiring a lot of knowledge subconsciously. The question asked by the judges in a moot court enables you to act on that every moment under pressure which would help you to face the justices and judges in the future.

In all these activities winning would increase your moral confidence, these boost up your spirit. And if you lose you become prepared for the challenges that are to come in life.

All the experiences mentioned here are somehow bound to help you in your legal career or profession. So as a law student instead of always limiting yourself among books; get involved and explore yourself.

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