A Guide to Future Lawyers to Enhance Their Skills

This is a simple guide to future lawyers to enhance their skills when they are in law school.

Trust me, it’s a tough world out there and when you choose to walk in the legal field it’s even harder, you will face challenges in every single step unless you are too lucky to have close lawyer relative; even though it might be hard enough to break your nerves time to time. So it is wise to give some effort on some activities that may help you for the challenging legal field out there.

Skill for law students

Skill needed for law students

Debate: If you want to be a successful lawyer the laws are your tools only you need to skill yourself to use them properly, join your (college / University) debating club, learn about convincing, point of order, point of information. You don’t need to be master of but make sure you are a jack of everything. This practice will help you learn how to learn, how to think, how to give your argument or how to convince people. These qualities will make you markable among others. You will be able to talk and understand (at list have some idea) about most of the sectors and that will make people think that you know more than others and shall make you more reliable.

Mooting: Though mooting culture is considered to be a choice of aristocratic students and very few are filtered out from an institute to present them before the wold nonetheless you should be brave enough to face the mock international court to understand the court estate in practical life. I’m advising you to join the moot court and give your best effort to grab a sit in the front row but as I said before the universities are very selective on this issue so it is very natural not to be lucky enough to be the one but don’t let that make you down. Keep in touch with teachers and seniors. Always attend moot session, if that is restricted then request the authority to permit you, be a volunteer of the club if possible. that may help you to succeed in your future effort, definitely, you will learn a lot about court articles and practice, I can assure that you will be more prepared dealing with the court in real life scenario in your future.

Writing: When your writing is better that will grab the attention of judges, they will read if they find it interesting. That does not mean you have to practice novel, legal writing can be more interesting than an imaginary story, It can be more surprising and touchy. remember you have to submit before the judges in writing at first then the judges will listen to your submission. You need to learn how to write step by step, how to connect sentences, how to be precise, how to connect question of law with question of fact etc. but that is not a one night stand you have to practice again and again. start writing story, experience, re-write case, review articles and these (You can write @ LawHelpBD.Com too) write-ups will grow your writing skill.

Listening: Be a good listener first. Maybe the person shouting at you is wrong but you need to be calm, listen what he is saying point out his style of explanation, relate to the fact, issues and situation and after then rebut point by point. You will learn a lot in this way because this is a more practical approach and once you master yourself in this practice you will be the show stopper.

[Additional advice: One more thing is to remember "Boos is always right" but do correct them politely after they finish. approach with "May", "What would happen..", "If I am not wrong..", "I have read ..","Can we adopt ... another way like ..." and complete your correction with reference. Do not challenge them what so ever.]

Being social: It does not mean you need to talk with everyone on the way to your home rather have a smile on your face, greet the people whom you know. Attend Legal programmes, participate in social activities. In our legal field relationship is one of the keys to success no matter how good you are if people don’t know you they are not comfortable with you and they will not come to you. Be social, respect seniors.

Solve Legal Problems: Think about legal problems that bother you the most, study how can you solve those problems with present (National) law, if you find that law/s are not sufficient to look into international laws and other socio-economic aspects to find out the solution, dig deep to any related subject of that legal problem. for example if it a problem about traffic jam; read articles about town planning, mass transport system etc.

Schooling: No, I am not telling you to go back to your secondary school that you left many years ago rather you should participate in various law school programmes available in the country or outside of the country. That will help build you some strong connection with various faculties around the world. You will learn new and upcoming legal issues. As most of these schooling are international in nature you will have colleagues around the world from different cultures and that would be a great opportunity for you to learn international laws in a more meaningful way. Keep this connection. The medium is generally English so that will be another plus point to enhance your English skill. In future, they may refer you to any event or job too.

Court Room

Image: Submission before a court

Assist for free: Involve yourself as a voluntary research assistant or as a teaching assistant in the field you are interested in, It will open a new window to have some in-depth knowledge in your bucket. You will be able to offer your future employer a lot more than other competitors. Keep visiting the website of various organizations who offer such kind of activities, keep a good connection with your teacher to have a recommendation when need.

All these are some additional guideline to follow if you want yourself to be more prepared among others but do not spend excessive time, which may affect your academic result. Distribute your time smartly, maintain a diary and that would be another good habit to follow; it shall help you to remember and keep track of your work.

Wish you all the best.

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