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The Philip C. Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition (Jessup in short) is the largest, oldest and the most significant moot court competition in the world. It is also known as world cup of moot. The Jessup Competition is named after Philip C. Jessup, the United States representative to the International Court of Justice, who was elected by the United Nations to serve a nine-year term in 1961. The Jessup Competition has been held annually since 1960. 2018 is the 59th year of the Jessup and 645 law schools in 95 countries are participating this year.

The objective behind the Jessup Competition was to help law students to develop knowledge, understanding, scope and practice of Public International Law. This is an advocacy competition for law students upon a hypothetical legal dispute between nations which is addressed in a manner as if submitted for adjudication to the International Court of Justice (ICJ). Participant teams are required to present written pleadings (memorials) for both sides (applicant and respondent) and has to present oral submission.

This competition was introduced in Bangladesh in the year of 2017 and Mr. Nuran Choudhury made it happen. He is since then playing the role of national administrator of Bangladesh Qualifying Rounds. The Second Bangladesh National Round of the Philip C. Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition took place on 8-10 February, 2018 which is organized by AsianSIL Bangladesh in collaboration with International Law Students Association (ILSA) at Independent University, Bangladesh. U.S Department of Justice is going to sponsor the finalist teams.

Eastern University Mooting Team

Eastern University Mooting Team

Initially, 26 law schools registered their teams for the Second Bangladesh National Round, 2018 but 18 teams submitted memorials within the deadline. 18 teams participated at the competition as competing teams and 6 teams as observer teams. This Bangladesh Qualifying Round of Jessup has become the second largest in South Asia. Final round of this competition was held between BRAC University and Eastern University. Eastern University by defeating BRAC University became the Champion. The participants of the competition were Wardi Zaman, Muhammad Naimur Rahman, Suborna Das and Jubaida Sakin. The team was mentored by A.B.M. Imdadul Haque Khan, Assistant Professor of the Department of Law. The International Round will be held in Washington DC, United States of America.

The First Bangladesh National Round was also won by Eastern University. Final round was held between University of Dhaka and Eastern University where Eastern University had defeated University of Dhaka in both the rounds of final and subsequently became the Winner of the competition. First Bangladesh National Round was organized by AsianSIL Bangladesh in collaboration with ILSA at Northern University, Bangladesh.

The achievements of Eastern University are not limited to national level only. Last year at the International Round held in Washington DC, United States of America, Eastern University was awarded as the best new team from the 32 new teams participated at International Rounds. Team Eastern University has become a part of history of Jessup and hence the part of global area of international legal forum.

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Jubaida Sakin

Jubaida Sakin is a legal activist. She has persuaded her LL.B. and LL.M. from Eastern University.

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