How to reduce gap between youth and police?

Police is the peacekeeper of our country, we should feel protected with police, we should have a friendly relationship with them to make peace to make our city safer, but in our country it is just opposite, we the young people are scared of them, afraid of victimization and most of us would like to avoid police.

Because there are some gaps between this two groups of people. Gap of information, gap of knowledge, gap of understanding, gap or realization and gap of reliance, this gap is really big and this should be omitted, no matter how long it is, no matter how that gap was made.


Youth are the most energetic and active part of our population and most often they are free from strict prohibition or supervision, they have more time to do some activities other than just studying and for the same reason, they can be miss led easily. They got used by leaders, businessmen for their illegal activities and to do so, they brainwash young’s and implant an anti-police thought in their mind. They imply those illegal activities are the demand of time and they cannot prosper in life without doing those activities.

In our country personal relation prevails over the professionalism and that’s another main fact. We have more criminals than police and they are afraid of the police, as a result, they hate police and spread this hatred.

On the other hand, our legal system and its complexity make police work more difficult and put a negative impact on police. People without knowing the facts find out the failure and youth does it too.

Sometimes police make mistakes and arrests people, as youth are the most active in the society they often found them in the situation.

All these above reasons with some others make youth afraid of police.


Now the first question is how can we overcome this problem? As this problem did not grow up in one day; it cannot be solved at once. So we need a plan for sustainable development of relationship.

First we have to communicate and connect with the youth; make them understand what police work is and how it works. What is law and how it should proceed. The liability of police, and their limitations too.

It is important to develop a personal relation to ensure the professionalism of police. Police must give trust to youth they are friend, a normal human being with lots of responsibilities, not their enemy.

If we can ensure that, only then the gap between police and youth will be defunct.

Course of employment

The plane

So the plane communicates with youth connect them personally, inform them the real situation, make them understand, develop a personal relationship and by doing this lighten the dark ideas of police inside them.

Here is how it should work: (The plan is based on Thana)

Communicate:  Our first step will be communicating with youth. So, we have to target them and it would be easy if we target by institution like: High School, College or University students. After targeting them we will ask permission to the authority of the institution to organize a seminar. After getting the permission we’ll make some poster and banner, on some really interesting recent topics of that area, but will not mention any relate of police on them. Then we will make a team of police including one non officer, one officer, one gazette officer. We will select them as young as possible. They will attend the seminar in civil dress with no police instrument (not even police car, wireless or arms). The event will be two or three hour program. On the event day the speakers (The team) will ask the students about the problems in our society and also ask for their opinion, how we can solve these problems, including police job. As an answer it will automatically draw police as a subject of the discussion. By this way we will know the real thoughts about police inside them. Then our team rebuts with their logic correcting their wrong opinion about police and informing their real situation. At the end of the seminar the team will inform their real post and possession and will invite students to attend a workshop. After this seminar student will have some new idea and new effort of new thoughts about police. This type of seminar could be arranged in every week in a different institution.

Connect: After the seminar, we can surely expect some really interested students from each institution for workshop. This workshop might be arranged in Thana premises, if possible or nearby. It might be 3-4 day workshop for 3-4 hour each day.

The object of the workshop will be
Train them:

  • The basis of law and order (Police Act, Penal Code etc)
  • How to get help from police (GD, FIR etc)
  • How the procedure works (CRPC, Court System, Legal framework etc)
  • How they can be victimized if doesn’t give information to the police about crime and criminals.
  • Limitations of police
  • Daily life of a police personnel
  • Question and Answer .etc

After completion of the workshop, we’ll arrange a quick exam and give them some prize according to result. After that we’ll ask them if anyone wants to help police voluntarily.

Help: We could use the volunteer students to help police for a period of time (a week to a month); we can utilize them with police where risk is minimum or less, such as

  • Guide in a police station
  • Write GB
  • Additional Help Force
  • Traffic Control
  • As a helping hand in various programs


Healthy relation:

I develop this Idea to use minimum resource to get best result.

Our communicate part will help both police and youth to understand each other without thinking them as police, and end of the event when come to know that the speakers were police personals they will realize The Police are just  like them.

Our connect part literally connects youth and police together; give them a chance to think and realize, change for deep understanding knowing the law, the procedures and lacking of police. They’ll also understand how much work a police do and in return what reaction they get form society. This part will help people realize a life of a police and how they fell. They will develop a new effort to think differently about police.

Our Help part will help police in several ways they will work as a team with police, they will face some of police problems as police do, they will feel what police feels, realize the true situation, more impotently they will think them as a part of police it will develop a new relation with police. The young will never be afraid of police and by time it will help others to realize what police does for society.

All this three-part will lead the youth-police relation in a whole new level. A personal relationship with youth will work as a bridge to the society.

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