The Cutting Case, 1887, Mexico Vs USA

The Cutting Case, 1887, Mexico Vs USA

Any state can apply his jurisdiction beyond his territorial on the foreign citizen if the act of foreign citizen is done, which was a violation of the rights or duties of that state.

Passive Nationality principle.

The American citizen whose name was Mr. Cutting. He made a public news against a Mexican citizen about his characteristic in a newspapers of Texas. Some copies of the newspapers went to Mexico and the citizens of Mexico saw that and got aggrieved. The published news was an offence by the Mexican Penal Code under section 184. After few days Mr. Cutting when went to Mexico for passing his vacation in Mexican , Mexican  police arrest him.

Whether Mr. Cutting was liable?
Whether Mexico entitled to applied his jurisdiction or not.

DECESION: During the period of this international controversy, the appellate court in Mexico ordered Mr. Cutting to be released.

REASONING: The Mexican Appellate Court ordered for release Cutting because the aggrieved Mexican had withdrawn his complaint



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