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Code or Criminal Procedure

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Contents of a Charge

Contents of a Charge Sections 221 to 224 specify the particulars that should be stated in the charge. Particulars are      as follows: # Particulars as to the time and place of the alleged offence,...

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Appoint another advocate in Prosecution

Is it possible to appoint another Advocate with or without public prosecutor in a case from the part of Prosecution / Victim? Yes it is possible to appoint another advocate by following section 495...

Criminal Laws and the Constitution of Bangladesh (Part 2) 1

Criminal Laws and the Constitution of Bangladesh (Part 2)

Trial and punishment under the Constitution and the Code of Criminal Procedure Provision of Article 35 of the Constitution of Bangladesh: Article 35 is concerned with penal enactments or other laws under which personal...

Criminal Laws and the Constitution of Bangladesh 1

Criminal Laws and the Constitution of Bangladesh

Introduction: Liberty is a comprehensive term. Its nature and quality are determined with reference to constitution under which it may be restricted in the interest of society or the state. Though the right to...

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Reasonable Restriction

By the word ‘reasonable restriction’ we easily understand restriction of a person or group of persons which is reasonable to the betterment or safeguard for the general people of the society. That means if...

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Different kinds of Bail

The basic conception of the word Bail is a release of a person from the custody of police and delivery into the hands of sureties who undertakes to produce him before the court whenever...

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