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Constitution – Bangladesh Constitution and related legal issues.

Why should we study constitution of UK and USA? 0

Why should we study constitution of UK and USA?

We are going to study these two constitutions as a comparative study of law that means we will study and learn about these two constitutions to compare with each other and to compare with...


1972 Constitution of Bangladesh

If we want to know more about the changes (Amendments) of our constitution we need to know our first constitution (Constitution  of People Republic Bangladesh – 1972) first. Our first constitution was one of  the...


Preamble of Bangladesh constitution

The Preamble of Bangladesh Constitution embodies the fundamental values and the philosophy, on which the Constitution is based, and the aims and objectives, which the founding members of the Constitution enjoined the polity to...


Constitutional Supremacy

Introduction No country can realize the idea of a stable and prosperous polity without an efficient and independent judiciary. The role of the judiciary in Bangladesh in upholding the Constitution and rule of law...

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