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This category of Constitution & Constitutional law will discuss the basic structures of the constitution, the fundamental principals, doctrines and guideline of the constitution. History, evolution, amendments of constitution and impact with critical analysis and case reference, etc.

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9  Doctrines of Constitutional Law

What are “Doctrines? It is a principle or belief or set of beliefs that are well established and backed by logical. In constitutional law, Doctrines holds a very important role even when the doctrines...

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1972 Constitution of Bangladesh

If we want to know more about the changes (Amendments) of our constitution we need to know our first constitution (Constitution  of People Republic Bangladesh – 1972) first. Our first constitution was one of  the...

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Constitutional Supremacy

No country can realize the idea of a stable and prosperous polity without an efficient and independent judiciary. The role of the judiciary in Bangladesh in upholding the Constitution and rule of law has...