Why should we study constitution of UK and USA?

We are going to study these two constitutions as a comparative study of law that means we will study and learn about these two constitutions to compare with each other and to compare with our constitution.

Now the question is, why should we compare? The comparison is important because, we compare to find out what is good and bad among the subjects, what result have obtained from a decision and which give us negative impact and by analyzing this we can sort out these problems.

As we know our constitution (of Bangladesh) is highly influenced form some other constitutions like, Pakistani constitution, Indian constitution, UK constitution and USA constitution, but not copied as the same, so to understand our constitution better and to participate any constitutional debate it is highly important to study UK and USA constitution.

On the other hand, some international law has also influenced by these two constitutions so it is also important to study them to understand international law. If we want to study abroad, especially in UK or USA their constitution shall work as a blessing on us.

Common law is one of our basic sources of law which is a highly unlikely source of ok UK laws also and as UK constitutional laws such as Act of Settlement, 1700 and Parliament Acts 1911 and 1949 and many others has the same value like other laws so Understanding UK constitution would help us to improve our understanding of common law. And we also know once we were a part of England so it would help us to find the root of our laws too.

On the other hand USA is a country of civil law; it is one of the most civil law friendly countries, so if we want to understand the civil law USA constitution is definitely going to help us.

United Kingdom constitution is a very elegant and very special constitution developed over time. It is an unwritten flexible constitution thought the monarch is the head of the power, but the parliamentary government is also responsible. It has no separation of power, but confirms the rule of law and judicial independence too.

On the other hand the constitution of the United States of America has a federal government; they have written constitution which is the supreme law of the land. Popular sovereignty and dual citizenship is a very unique feature of USA constitution.

As we see these two constitutions is totally different from each other, so if we can understand these two constitutions, we would be able to understand the sole purpose and effect of these two constitutions which will increase our ability of analyzing and will help us to realize the soul of all other law.

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