Bail appeal to High Court Division against Session Court order under section 498 (Crpc) – Format


That one Md. Ramizuddin (103), Habildar of RAB -8, Company No.3, Zatrabari Camp, along with Soldier Md.  Rafiqul Islam, (4006013), and Constable Md. Nasiruddin, (1577) of RAB, lodged a First Information Report on 01.06.2015, Monday night at around 9.30 p.m. with the Demra Police Station alleging, inter alia, that on 01.06.2015 while the informant and two others were on special duty in Zatrabari – Demar Area of Dhaka Metropolitan City had received information from their reliable sources that some persons were extorting with pressure from the bus drivers at Dhaka – Shylet Highway. Then upon the basis of the said information on 01.06.2015 at around 5.30 p.m. the said informant along with the said two others rushed to Matual area at Dhaka – Sylet Highway and arrested the accused persons namely, (1) Md. Shawkat Hossain, Son of Lal Miah, Village: Rashidpur, P.S.: Rupganj, Narayangonj  (2) Abidur Rahim Son of Late Abdul Sabur, Village: Srenathdi, P.S.: Rupganj, Narayangonj and (3)Md. Rawshan Ali the Accused-Petitioner, Son of Md. Hira Miah Village: Matual, P.S.: Demra, District: Dhaka. Where the said accused persons were extorting from the bus drivers. Then, in reply to the query made by the Informants, the said Accused Persons had stated that they were collecting money for the Malik Samity (Bus Malik Samity) and Union. Then the said accused persons had failed to produce any receipts of collection of an amount to the Informant while the Informant had asked the said Accused Person for showing and documents regarding collection of the said money. Then the informant had seized two notes of Tk.500/-, three notes of Tk.100/- one note of Tk.20/- altogether Tk.1320/- from the trouser’s pocket of theaccused person (Md. Shawkat Hossain), and six notes of Tk.500/-, two notes of Tk.200/-, altogether Tk.3400/- from the trouser’s pocket of the said Abdur Rahim, in front of the witnesses namely, (1) Nizamul, son of Haque Munshi, (2) Rashid Bepari, son of Karim Bepari,  (3) Md. Abdul Salam, son of Late Mahmudullah, all are of Matual P.S.: Demra, District: Dhaka. The said Accused Personas were collecting illegal money from several bus drivers in the name of Malik Samity and Union by threatening. That on the basis of the said allegations, Demra Police Station Registered the case as Demra Police Station Case No. 02 dated 01.06.2015 under section 385 and 386 of the Penal Code against the said, Accused Parsons.


Criminal Miscellaneous G.R Case


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