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When you are a service you must have the service agreement with your employer unless you want to face problem in near future but unfortunately, in our county, most of the people are really lack the sense of the importance of an agreement. This agreement between a school and a teacher may help you to understand how easy it is to draft one. if you need further help you may ask for your help at any time.

The sample agreement goes here:


Agreement between a School and a Teacher

This agreement made the …………………… day of ………. 2000 between AB School represented by its President/Secretary of, etc., (hereinafter referred to as the school) of the One Part and CD of etc., (hereinafter called the teacher) of the Other Part. Whereby it is agreed as follows:

  1. In consideration of efficient service as a qualified teacher, offered by the teacher, the school hereby engages the teacher to instruct the pupils of the school at, etc., in such subjects as the school shall from time to time prescribe (or state the subjects), and also to take such part in the internal organisation and discipline of the said school as it shall from time to time direct.
  2. The school shall pay the teacher, during the continuance of this agreement, a basic salary of Rs. …………. per year (or a salary commencing at the rate of Rs. ……… per year with annual increments of Rs. ………… a year subject to a maximum salary of Rs. …………. a year. Such salary shall be paid by equal instalments on the expiry of the month for which the same is due or before the 7th of every following month.
  3. The teacher shall also be entitled to other payments, e.g. gratuity, dearness allowance, etc., as may be prescribed by the rules and in the absence thereof by rules governing Government institutions in that behalf unless otherwise provided therein simultaneously with his salary as aforesaid.
  4. The teacher shall observe strict discipline, attend the classes regularly and punctually and impart such lessons and instructions, as the Secretary/Headmaster shall allot to him from time to time, all through school hours and also attend tutorial and special coaching classes as may be allotted to him even after school hours.
  5. The teacher shall observe the rules and regulations of the University/Board of Secondary Education, submit to and obey all decisions of the Managing Committee, Headmaster and Secretary as may be given or imposed from time to time.
  6. In addition to the duties of teaching, organisation and discipline the teacher shall, when required to do so, supervise and direct the regular games and pastimes of pupils and attend religious services held in the school as social functions among students.
  7. The teacher shall do his best to enforce and maintain discipline, good habits and morals among the pupils, and reform their character, but shall not be entitled to personally chastise or give corporal punishment any pupil without the sanction of the Headmaster or his or their guardian.
  8. The teacher shall be entitled to such leave as is prescribed under the rules of the school or observed in Government institutions.
  9. Clauses (2) and (8) in so far as the increment and leave are concerned shall be operative only upon confirmation of service on completion of full one year of the educational session and subject to the teacher rendering satisfactory service and fulfilment of the terms of this agreement.
  10. The teacher shall not do any private tuition to any student whether of this school or other school nor carry on any trade or business or profession nor be interested in any other educational institution unless otherwise expressly permitted by the school nor be concerned in plots or conspiracies against the school or the Government or the Managing Committee.
  11. This agreement may be determined at the end of any school term by either party giving the other notice in writing to that effect within two weeks after the beginning of such term or at any time by the school upon paying to the teacher, in addition to the proportion of his salary due up to the date of such determination, one third (or, etc.) of the said yearly salary. Provided, however in cases of gross misconduct or dereliction of duty or breach of any of the terms of this agreement (notwithstanding any waiver or condonation thereof) the school may determine this agreement forthwith without notice or compensation in lieu of notice, on paying the teacher the portion of salary due up to the date of determination.

In witness whereof the parties here have executed these presents on the day, month and year first above-written.

Signed, sealed and delivered by AB President of AB School   in   the presence of:

Signed, sealed and delivered by CD the Teacher in the presence of:

(Service agreement)

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