Free legal consultancy

Are you looking for a qualified lawyer at Dhaka? Do you want to discuss your legal issue with a professional? Would you like to take legal advice for free?

Law Help BD can help. Get free legal consultancy from expert lawyers.

Write to us about your fact an issue, request us for an appointment and take our first consultancy as a gift from us being our client. We have qualified advocates to assist you to make a proper decision for your legal matter.  quotas are limited.

To take the service by,

Write about your fact, mention you choose the “free legal consultancy service” or “option 2” and request for an appointment. We will provide you with an appointment and you will have up to 30 minute time talk to our expert.

Contact now! And do not forget to mention your name, address, phone no and the material fact of the case.

You may choose our other services too. Please see “Legal support policy” page to know what other option you have.

In case you have an immediate or complex issue we suggest you take our professional legal help without delay.

Note; No string attached, document analysis and documentation are not included, law help bd and associated law chamber hold the right to refuse any consultation or service upon observation the matter.

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