Legal support policy

Welcome to Law Help BDs legal support centre. You must have come after receiving our first reply or just by browsing out of your curiosity. whatever it is let’s talk about our Legal support policy.

Currently, we have 3 (three) support policy. You can follow any one of those and let us know.

  1. Be a contributor and get basic support online: Contribute by liking our Facebook Page (Click here) & Subscribing to our YouTube Channel (Click Here), help us to reach more people and spread the knowledge of the law. It will take less than one minute. [Fact-specific or further supplementary question is not allowed] click here to know more.
  2. Visit our chamber and take our first legal consultancy as a gift: Request us for an appointment and take our first consultancy as a gift from us being our client. [Recommended] Click here to know more.
  3. Take our professional legal support(online or at chamber): If you have a complex issue, document analysis or need specific work on that issue you can directly take our professional service.  [Best for prompt support] click here to know more.

If you are here after communicating with us via form or e-mail at [email protected] or via our Facebook page messager, please choose your option and reply what option would you prefer. If you are here to get legal support just e-mail, fill the website form or knock at Facebook messenger mentioning the option that you would like to choose.

If you choose the first option please follow the instruction of the first option and confirm that you have followed the procedure.

Please note. Incomplete submission of the form or vague reply will be rejected.

Law Help BD is not a government organization. It is a legal platform for legal professionals, lawyers and jurists. It can change or cancel its terms or service at its will.

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