Anglo – Norwegian Fisheries case (1951) ICJ Rep. 166

Anglo – Norwegian Fisheries case (1951) ICJ Rep. 166

Principle: The baseline can be calculated straightly linking the outmost points of the land. It is called straight baseline principle.

Fact: In 1935 by a government decree Norway defined its Territorial sea connecting 48 points of land, Norway’s Territorial Sea was not measured from the low water line along the coast, but from straight baselines linking the outermost points on the extremities of the islands and headlands of the coast. Therefore, the Southern portion of the lines embraced clusters of islands. The Northern portion covered a heavily indented coastline. Therefore UK challenged the decree of Norway.

Issue: Where the delimitation Norway contradict any international law?

Decision: The ICJ upheld the Norwegian delimitation.

Reasoning: the delimitation was not any violation or contradiction of international law, the delimitation was proper.

straight baseline principle

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