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Career has become a matter of concern for most of the graduate and undergraduate students nowadays. The job market is highly competitive and despite there being ample opportunities, the job seekers lack proper skills and qualities to fulfill the selection criteria. Many educational institutions are now providing career counseling to their students in career clubs for assisting them in career selection and to help them acquire the professional skills.

On 9 November 2017, a career talk was held at University of Dhaka for directing the sophomore law students to an ambitious career in law. The event was organized by the Career Club, Department of Law under the title, “Career Talk on Career in Law”. The event tried to highlight the possible job opportunities, skills required to have a progressive career and how to attain those skills. All the speakers rendered valuable suggestions from their experiences and notified the young students about the common mistakes done at workplace. They pointed out the initial struggles but also tried to present effective solutions to those problems.

Mohammad Golam Sarwar, advisor to the Career Club started off the Career Talk with a welcome speech. He briefly talked on necessary skills to land the dream jobs while distinguishing between soft skills and hard skills. He referred to a finding that 47% graduated persons are unemployed, the cause behind which he thinks is lacking proper communication skills. Hard skills can be learned but soft skills can only be gained by doing, he said. Stating the need of acquiring soft skills, he shared the future plans of the club to equip the students with such skills.


Mr. Sarwar later gave the floor to Dr. Ridwanul Hoque who is a Professor in law at University of Dhaka. Dr. Ridwan at first introduced the idea of career counseling. He mentioned about special training on career in law and specific need based counseling. He then discussed about the possible career opportunities that a law degree can offer. Mr. Hoque emphasized that exceptional skills can sometimes complement the absence of a good academic result.

Afterwards, Kawser Ahmed, an advocate at the Supreme Court of Bangladesh shared his experiences as a law practitioner. He enumerated listening, thinking, reading, speaking and writing as the five basic skills to a successful law career. While talking on the prospects and challenges of becoming a lawyer, he explained how hectic the life of a lawyer is. Mr. Ahmed urged the law students to be more obedient to their seniors at workplace and be co-operative, at the same time he asked them to make the habit of hardworking.

Syed Masud Reza, Assistant Professor, University of Dhaka further reiterated that hard-working is a must in the law profession. He acceded to Mr. Ahmed that this profession demands extra work hours by providing some insight to a law educators life. Later in the concluding session, Mr. Reza interacted with the students to find out their expectations from the club. He concluded the event thanking the attendees and the guest speakers. The ending proceeding was followed by a photo session with all the participants and the guests.

The event was spontaneously attended by law students from different academic years. It was the first ever event organized by the Career Club of the Law Department and in the near future the club promises to hold some other events inviting guests from different law professions.

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