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Forensic psychology 0

Forensic psychology and present-day use | 02

In our previous article, we see the adoption of Psychology into law and the emergence of Forensic Psychology. When someone is less known about the legal adoption of scientific methods and studies it may...

Crypto Currency 02 0

Know before you invest in Bitcoin boom

The recent trading cryptocurrency boom becomes the center of the interest of all trade, why it shouldn’t be? This single subject seems to cover all important avenue to success; it is based on new...

Environmental Law 1

Environmental Law in Bangladesh

In the relation to Environment, ownership of natural resources matters and how those resources used has a direct connection to the environment. In this regard, Bangladesh inherited a colonial legal structure that promoted feudal...

Environmental Law 02 0

An Introduction to Environmental Law

Nature used to play with its own rule with the harmony of environment and climate but slowly we the humans took control over the thus changes the balance of ecosystem, as a consequence things...

When Cause of action arises under section138 of the Negotiable Instrument Act, 1881 1

When Cause of action arises under section138 of the Negotiable Instrument Act, 1881

Cheque as a negotiable instrument is familiar with the economic transaction which may be for personal or business purposes as we don’t yet conceive cashless transaction method. So, a huge amount can be given...


The Savarkar Case, 1911

The Savarkar Case, 1911, France v UK PRINCIPLE: If any state did not granted any persons asylum or mistakenly send him other state for that reason after then the state send first other didn’t...

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