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Charge hearing example 0

Charge hearing example

Charge Hearing | GR |Defense | PC 413 May I please Your honor, আজকের এই মামলা Charge Hearing এর জন্য ধার্য করা হয়েছে, আমি Defense কে Represent করছি, এটা একটি GR case, এবং Offence...


Court visit experience

That Day It was a day of hope from the very beginning that hope accelerated to the apex point when we were entering the court premises following your lead, I felt blessed following your...

Hierarchy of Courts in Bangladesh 3

Hierarchy of Courts in Bangladesh

Hierarchy of Courts in Bangladesh There are two divisions of the courts of Bangladesh. A. Supreme Court of Bangladesh B. Subordinate Court (also known as, District Courts or Lower Courts)   A. The Supreme Court...